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About "Bones in the Cosmos"  Cocorico !

English is not our maternal language. Therefore our English translations, inevitably have some mistakes, or even misinterpretations. Hoping that the reader forgives us, please don't hesitate to comment us. we shall hasten to correct them. Please note that the French text, is the one in which we express our thought, and therefore that it is the governing text.

The goal of "Bones in the Cosmos" is not to make an initiation to astronomy or to astrophysics. One supposes that basic notions of these disciplines are already known of the reader. The goal is merely to attract the attention on certain strange aspects, on certain contradictions, let's say some shady zones, that some of scientists disregard a little too quickly. Do not forget that without a minimum of scepticism Science cannot progress. For those who wish to reach basic knowledge, we recommend one amateur site of high quality. (The amateur "word" means merely that the adopted language is the one that is understandable by all. It is therefore not demeaning.)

  1. Luxorion  (Thierry Lombry)  English and French

The Method of Digital Processing that we use for pictures must be used only with prudence. It is not possible to affirm a priori that the obtained results are or are not artificial. Only some precise analyses can confirm or invalidate the obtained images. However results are sufficiently astonishing that, if they where to be beconfirmed, they would impose re-examination of basic theory, at least partially for certain models. Some documentations, reconsidering and specifying methods for Digital Processing of pictures, in PDF format, are already available. One can find them elsewhere. Here is already the list:

Some documents (in French) which analyze the obtained results are available. Some others concerns strange observations:

  1. Méthodes logicielles (694 ko) - Version 12/24/2002 (In French)
  2. Gradients de luminosités dans le Cœur de M87" (810 ko)
  3. Cinématique dans le Cœur de M 87 - V02 (406 Ko)
  4. Le Trou Noir de Kerr Revisité (210 Ko)
  5. Jets et Systèmes binaires - B. Lempel. L'Astronomie Vol 117 - Sept 2003. SAF (PDF, 1,6 Mo) French
  6. Jets and binary Systems - B. Lempel. (The same as previous, but translated from French) (PDF, 588 Ko)
  7. Le pulsar du Crabe, Faits et Contradictions. (French)  New
  8. gradient d'indice (French)
  9. Is there a surprising relation between the Sun and OJ 287 ?

These documents, in PDF format, can be read and printed with the free downloadable software:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Acknowledgments to all friends known and unknown, who helped us, by giving information which allowed to correct and to complete this site.


  1. All documents, which we aren't the author and which we mention the origin, may have to abide by the rules of the "copyright".

  2. All documents which we are the author, can, be copied for private use. They can be freely distributed for educational or scientific goals only, while mentioning the origin and the author explicitly (Bernard Lempel). All commercial publishing is forbidden except by prior agreement.

Who is Bernard Lempel Unfortunately, I cannot dedicate my portrait for you !


Data processing
Servo-controls (RADAR Antennas)
Signal processing, (applications in RADARS)
Automatic control systems for Trajectography.
Industrial supervision.
And many other things which it would be too long to detail...
Activity to day:  His professional activity took place in the industry.
- Photography (Practised since the age of 11 years, then learnt with Guy Subra authentic photographer). Bernard Lempel thanks him.
- Radioamateurism
. (F1???)
- Amateur in Astronomy.

The fault returns to Dr. Gilbert Walusinski, professor of Mathematics, at the Voltaire Secondary school in Paris, from 1949 till 1957, who had started the astronomy club "Alcor and Mizar". Bernard Lempel thanks Dr. Pierre Léna who knew him in another Secondary school and who gave the information allowing to find him.
Dr. Gilbert Walusinski was President of the APMEP (Association des Professeurs de Mathématiques de l'Enseignement Public). This association, rightly, dedicated him a special report.


Member of the Société Astronomique de France. (Commission Cosmologie).
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