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held between themselves by their small goatees..

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In Arp 286, another bridge of matter
Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies : Arp 286
Arp 286 (Halton Arp Peculiar galaxies catalog)
 The galaxy group "Arp 286 " was published by Halton Arp in the "Atlas of peculiar galaxies". (1)
This group of galaxies is constituted by the galaxies NGC 5560, NGC 5566 and NGC 5569. It is situated, in the galaxies cluster Virgo, at a distance about 80 million light years from the solar system.
In this image the small galaxy NGC 5569 seems connected with the giant spiral galaxy NGC 5566 by a diffuse and hardly visible bridge of matter.
Is it an artefact?
On the other hand we distinguish no such thing as regards the galaxy NGC 5569.
Source: Stephen Leshin (Stargazer Observatory)
Arp 286, a galaxies trio in Virgo : NGC 5560, NGC 5566, NGC 5569
In a photography realized on June 1st, 2010 by Stephin Leshin in the Stargazer Observatory (2), we distinguish the bridge of matter between NGC 5569 and NGC 5566 only with much difficulties.
This image was also published by the NASA (Astronomy Picture of the Day) on 08/13/2010 (3).
Map of Arp 286 In this image, we located every galaxy.
Arp 286 (Image DP by B. Lempel) The photography of Stephin Leshin deserved that we are interested on it. Thus we made a DP to know about it a little more.
As we can see opposite, these three galaxies are well connected by bridges of matter.
These three galaxies don't present some contradictory redshifts. We are in the classic case of galaxies in gravitational interactions. (4)
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  2. NGC 5560, 5566, 5569 - Virgo Galaxy Trio. (Stargazer Observatory)
  3. Arp 286: Trio in Virgo.
Created: 08/26/2010
Released: 12/30/18
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