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A Mask for a Warped Galaxy, ESO 510-13  Cocorico !

On April 30, 1999, the ESO publishes on Internet this picture, accompanied by the following note :

Image showing a sky field in the southern constellation Hydra (The Water-snake) that includes the peculiar spiral galaxy ESO 510-13 . It resembles the famous "Sombrero" galaxy, but its equatorial dust plane is pronouncedly warped. The velocity is 3300 km/sec, the distance is about 170 million light-years and the size is 100,000 light-years. The fact that the dust band and the rest of this galaxy are not well aligned is a clear sign that the former was acquired recently (in astronomical terms). The dust band is still in the process of achieving a more stable state by becoming flat. It is not obvious how it was formed; it may for instance be the result of a merger with a gas-rich dwarf galaxy and the elliptical galaxy. In any case, this is a most interesting object that will undoubtedly soon be studied in more detail, with the VLT and other large telescopes. The photo displays a very large number of fainter objects near this galaxy. Many of these are likely to be globular clusters of stars associated with the galaxy; others are background galaxies. It would indeed appear that ESO 510-13 is located right in front of one or more, distant clusters of galaxies. This three-colour composite (BVI) was obtained with VLT ANTU and FORS in the morning of March 15, 1999. Field size: 6.8x6.8 arcmin 2 ; North is up and East is to the left.

August 2, 2001, the NASA, publishes on Internet the picture, opposite, ESO 510-13 achieved by the HST.
It is good quality, and don't present the defect of the one of the ESO, it is not saturated. The dynamic range is balanced well. It permits me to get an interesting and surprising digital processed picture for many considerations.

ESO 510-13 (DP picture)

 It appears that :

  • The galaxy ESO 510-13 is a Barred Galaxy.

  • The strip of dust that seemed to surround it, is in fact the bar of the galaxy.

  • The "warping" is a misleading 3-dimensional effect, it is actually due to the generation of spiral arms at the extremities of the bar.

  • Please note the structure of the galaxy core. Some interacting black holes are certainly present here. Also note over the presence of a plume above the core.

  • Also note the regular structure similar to a ladder of the galaxy bar, with a dissymmetry with respect to what one can suppose to be the core of the galaxy (the most luminous red area). This fact can be explained quite simply as alternate ejections of matter provoked by the co-rotation of two black holes in the galaxy core.

ESO 510-13 (Core)

Sombrero Galaxy (ESO)


  • ESO 510-13 joins the group and the model of barred galaxies ESO 269-57 and NGC 1512 that we described previously. It is therefore very different from the Sombrero galaxy that was taken as a model by the ESO.

  • So we are there in presence of mass ejection phenomena from the core of the galaxy. It reinforces observations and hypotheses of Halton Arp.


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