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 §  It is with deep sadness that we have learned the death of Halton Arp arisen on December 28th, 2013.

Here is an Astronomer whose one recognizes observer's very big talent, but that one refuses to recognize the validity of his interpretations. Interpretations that one should admit if one examined, as him and without bias, documents that one possess and that he shows us. To have some idea about the best is to read his last book:

 "Seeing Red"

published in Canada, by Apeiron. I strongly recommend you to read it. The less that one can say, it is that this small book, call into question a lot of cosmological concepts, and not of the least.

Here is an Meta Research web site. summary of this book

This book is not the first one explaining, on the public arena, the object of the controversies which conflict Halton Arp with his peers. Already, some years previously, he had committed a first work:

"Quasars, Redshifts and controversies".

These books don't have, to my knowledge, been ever translated in French, and even less published and distributed in France. (08/2001). Therefore to get it you are able, according to your preferences, to try to address you directly to your favorite bookseller, or to use Internet.



The third one book came recently to complete both first ones:

"Catalogue of Discordant Redshift Associations"

We can notice in coverage the DP image of the pair of galaxies NGC 4319o/oMarkarian 205, (photo taken by the HST and DP by B. Lempel)

This book is available at Apeiron.


About Redshift

  1. Exploring the Cosmos.

  2. Alternate Approaches and the Redshift Controversy.

Opposite : Cygnus A (NRAO)

At extremities of every lobe, two quasars with the abnormal redshift in relation to the redshift of the source of ejection.


Is the bridge of matter between NGC 4319 and Markarian 205 an artefact or is it real ?

Opposite NGC 4319 + Mark 205 (DP image by B. Lempel)


The Works of Halton Arp

Opposite : galaxies in interaction Photo HST


The Story of the Arp Peculiar Galaxies Page.



Galaxies images of the ARP catalog  (By Alain Amsaleg and Christian Dupriez).

Opposite: Arp 105 Source: CFHT


Informations :

Dr. Halton Arp participated in a Colloquium at Collège de France, Paris : June 8-11, 2004 Cosmology : Facts and Problems.



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The Arp Peculiar Galaxies Imaged by Dick Miller.

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