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Quantization of Redshifts in Galaxy Clusters
W.G. Tifft
W.G. Tifft.

The historic Facts:

  1. In the 1970s, W.G. Tifft discovers that Redshifts, in galaxy clusters, are quantized.

  2. In the 1990s, two English astronomers, B.N.G. Guthrie and W.M. Napier rediscover and confirm the observations of W.G. Tifft.

  3. The cosmologists dispute, unsuccessfully, the results; then, withstanding the facts, they simply ignore them.

W.M. Napier


The Observations:

  1. It is a combinatorial and statistical analysis. The intervals between the redshifts of any two galaxies is measured for all the galaxies of the cluster. (In this case, the local super cluster).

  2. Redshifts appears with systematic  intervals of 37,2 to 37,7 Km/s.

  3. We notice that this period is of the order of H/2! (Strange, very strange)


Harmonics and sub harmonics?
If in the local super cluster, Redshifts appears with systematic intervals of 37,2 to 37,7 Km/s, in others cluster, we observe periodic intervals of 72 Km/s.
No one has a convincing explanation.
The Big Bang Theory  says nothing about this.
Alternative Theories suggest nothing.
Should we turn the page?



Source: NED

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  3. Others:
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Creation date : 03/03/06
Last release: 09/10/15

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