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The "New Big-Bang Cocorico !

Mario Cosentino Mario Cosentino

Biography of Mario Cosentino : (With his kind permission).

  1. Professor of Mathematics and Physics.

  2. More than 20 years of research in sciences of the Universe

  3. Author of two books (1993 and 2001) and numerous articles on cosmology and celestial mechanics.

  4. In September 1997, the priority of its theoretical research, regarding to a possible axis of rotation of the cosmos was recognized by the American researchers. The French magazine "Sciences et Avenir" N° 609 November 1997 has called him the "father of the axis of the Universe".

  5. The astrophysicist Jean-Claude Pecker, Member of the Institute, Honorary Professor of the "Collège de France", I am 'on track' to regard a new theory of 'tired light' Einstein et al. but quantified. His letter of 11 April 1999. Mr. Cosentino knowledge believed to be the second in France to defend the theory of 'tired light' and perhaps the only one with an universe model as relevant.

  6. All his research had the congratulations of a panel of scientists at the Jean Monnet University of Saint-Etienne. The jury recognizes him, moreover, the discovery of a very simple formula that allowed him to predict the distribution of large objects "trans-Neptunian" such as the small planet Sedna - See "Automates Intelligent" N°113, December 2010

  7. Regarding the ALICE experiment, the CERN is not opposed that Mr. Cosentino has a pre-eminence theorical rule for a Big Bang "liquid" and "not gaseous". Letter from Mrs. Despina Hatzifotiadou, responsible communication, January 12, 2011.



  1. The New Big Bang (A summary of current cosmological models) - Apollonia Editions.
    One can find this book at the "Maison de l'Astronomie" in Paris or by contacting the author directly by email.
  2. A summary of the NBBF hypothesis.
  3. In "Espace & Astrophysique" an article "Des galaxies mystérieuses" - The end of the domination of the standard model universe?
  4. For a complete list of publications, see your favourite search motor.

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