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Strange objects in the universe Cocorico !

Kléopatra 216, A Snag in the Cosmos

M 87 Trilogy

1- A Snag in the Model
2- A Snag in the Black Hole
3- Jets and other Quirks


XTE J1550-564, Ping-pong in a Micro Quasar


The Milky Way and the Snag


ESO 269-57, The Snag of the Beautiful Banal Spiral


NGC 1512, Strange, a Snag in the Bar


ESO 510-13, A Mask for the Bar


NGC 3079, A Snag in the Cauldron


IQ 2237+0305, A Snag in the Gravitationnal Lens


Saggitarius A

  1. What the gravitational lens has become ?
  2. Two virtual Black Holes in Andromeda ?  New

M1, The Trilogy of the Crab

  1. The Snag of the Crab
  2. Effect of Refringence in the Crab
  3. A Wandering Snag in the Crab
  4. Crab Critics and retorts

IC 443, The Crack Snag


A Snag in the Coma


The Snag of the Virgo Cluster

Bridges of Matter Trilogy
  1. A Snag-Bridge in Arp 102
  2. Bridges in Arp 286
  3. Snag-Red Shift in NGC 4319

NGC 7603 and Strange Quasars.


Redshift Tetralogy

  1. Redshift Quantization in Galaxy Clusters
  2. Galaxies, Quasars and bridge of matter
  3. Quasars Alignments and Galaxies
  4. Quasars and Redshifts Quantization

Geomagnetism Trilogy

  1. Reminders of elementary physics
  2. Earth Magnetism
  3. A Supraconductive Inner Core

Planet Earth : Warm Oceans   New


The Trilogie of Kotov

  1. Solar Waves and Cycle of Wolf
  2. Sun and Wave of Kotov
  3. Quasars and Wave of Kotov
 Strange coincidences 1 and 2 
  1. The Sun and OJ 287                 New
  2. The Sun, Jupiter and OJ 287   New


Some Snags in the Theory ?

  1. The Kerr Black Hole Trap
  2. Kerr effect in Geometrical Optics
  3. Black Matter Here and Elsewhere
  4. A Hitch in the CMB
  5. New Culinary Recipe to Make a Quasar


The Method of DP

  1. Description of DP
  2. Validation and Limits of the Method
  3. The Discovered Artificial Features

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  2. Latest news from the universe (A site which deserves to be known)

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