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Snags in the Cosmos The Anti Big Bang Gang
The Unclassifiables
The Slide Show Miscellaneous
A Snag in the Cosmos
A Snag in the Model
A Snag in the Black Hole
Jets and other Quirks
Ping-pong in a Micro Quasar
The Milky Way and the Snag
The Snag of the Beautiful Banal Spiral
Strange, a Snag in the Bar
ESO 510-13, A Mask for the Bar
NGC 3079, A Snag in the Cauldron
A Snag in the Gravitationnal Lens
Saggitarius A
Two virtual Black Holes in Andromeda ?
The Snag of the Crab
Effect of Refringence in the Crab
A Wandering Snag in the Crab

Crab Critics and retorts
The Nebula IC 443 and its neutrons star
A Snag in the Coma
The Snag of the Virgo Cluster
A Snag-Bridge in Arp 102
Bridges in Arp 286
A Snag-Red Shift in NGC 4319
NGC 7603 and Strange Quasars

Snag and Theory
Redshift Quantization in Galaxy Clusters
Galaxies, Quasars and bridge of matter
Quasars Alignments and Galaxies
Quasars and Redshifts Quantization


Warm Oceans
Solar Waves and Cycle of Wolf
Sun and Wave of Kotov
Quasars and Wave of Kotov

The Sun and OJ 287
The Sun, Jupiter and OJ 287
The Kerr Black Hole Trap
Kerr effect in Geometrical Optics
The trap of the Galactic Black Matter
A Hitch in the CMB
New Culinary Recipe to Make a Quasar
Description of DP
+ Méthodes logicielles
Validation and Limits of the Method
The Discovered Artificial Features
Fred Hoyle
+ Fred Hoyle's Publications
Halton Arp
+ Publications of Halton Arp
J.V. Narlikar
+ Faits et spéculations en Cosmologie
+ Facts and speculations in Cosmology
+ Narlikar's Publications (1)
+ Narlikar's Publications (2)
H. Alfvén (external Link)
J.C. Pecker (+ external Link)
Jacques Moret-Bailly
(+ External Link)
Francis Sanchez
(+ External Link)
Bernard Lempel
Brief Notes from Cosmos and Elsewhere
Gradients de luminosités dans le Cœur de M87
Cinématique dans le Cœur de M 87
Le Trou Noir de Kerr Revisité
Jets et Systèmes binaires
jets and binary systems
Le pulsar du Crabe, Faits et Contradictions
Gradient d'indice
sphère a gradient d'indice
Méthodes logicielles
Is there a surprising relation between the Sun and OJ 287 ?
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