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101 1986BASI...14...66D N. Dadhich, J. Krishna-Rao, J.V. Narlikar, C.V. Vishveswara, T. Padmanabhan. 03/1986 Book-Review - a Random Walk in Relativity and Cosmology
102 1986IAUS..119..463N . 00/1986 Noncosmological redshifts.
103 1986HiA.....3.....N J.V. Narlikar; T. Padmanabhan, Thanu 00/1986 Gravity, gauge theories and quantum cosmology.
104 1985JApA....6..171N J.V. Narlikar, T. Padmanabhan. 12/1985 On a nonlinear and Lorentz-invariant version of Newtonian gravitation. II.
105 1985Natur.317..413B G. R. Burbidge, J.V. Narlikar, A. Hewitt. 10/1985 The statistical significance of close pairs of QSOs.
106 1985A&A...151..264N J.V. Narlikar, K. Subramanian. 10/1985 The statistical significance of a large quasar inhomogeneity in the sky
107 1985S&T....70..227N J.V. Narlikar, E. Harrison. 09/1985 Book-Review - Introduction to Cosmology.
108 1985Natur.315..611P A.R. Prasanna, J.V. Narlikar, C.V. Vishveshwara. 06/1985 Book-Review - Gravitation and Relativistic Astrophysics.
109 1985MNRAS.213..657N J.V. Narlikar, N.C. Rana. 04/1985 Newtonian N-body calculations of the advance of Mercury's perihelion.
110 1985JApA....6...75N J.V. Narlikar. 03/1985 Corrigendum - Nonconservation of Baryons in Cosmology - Revisited.
111 1985BASI...13...94K T. Kogure, D. Bhattacharya, J.V. Narlikar. 03/1985 Notes and News.
112 1985BASI...13....1N J.V. Narlikar. 03/1985 The very early universe - Problems and perspectives.
113 1985ApJ...288...43N J.V. Narlikar, T.R. Seshadri. 01/1985 Counterimages in closed elliptical Friedmann universes.
114 1985QB801.N29...... J.V. Narlikar. 00/1985 From black clouds to black holes.
115 1984JApA....5..495N J.V. Narlikar, S.M. Chitre. 12/1984 Faster-than-light motion in quasars.
116 1984A&A...139..289C S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar, K. Subramanian, D. Narasimha. 10/1984 3C 273 - A gravitationally lensed quasar?
117 1984Ap&SS.103..371N J.V. Narlikar, N.C. Wickramasinghe, F. Hoyle. 08/1984 The radiation of microwaves and infrared by slender graphite needles.
118 1984Ap&SS.103..371H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar, N.C.  Wickramasinghe. 08/1984 The Radiation of Microwaves and Infrared by Slender Graphite Needles.
119 1984Sci...224..768N J.V. Narlikar. 05/1984 Book-Review - Introduction to Cosmology.
120 1984Natur.308..141N J.V. Narlikar, M. Rowan-Robinson. 03/1984 Book-Review - Introduction to Cosmology.
121 1984JApA....5...67N J.V. Narlikar. 03/1984 Nonconservation of baryons in cosmology - Revisited.
122 1984BASI...12....1N J.V. Narlikar. 03/1984 Noncosmological redshifts.
123 1984S&T....67..334N J.V. Narlikar. 00/1984 Book-Review - Introduction to Cosmology.
124 1984QB461.N34...... J.V. Narlikar. 00/1984 Violent phenomena in the universe.
125 1984aprm.conf..281N J.V. Narlikar. 00/1984 Some Aspects of Modern Cosmology
126 1984ApL....24..114N J.V. Narlikar, J.F. Dolan. 00/1984 Book-Review - Violent Phenomena in the Universe.
127 1983BASI...11..297N J.V. Narlikar, T. Padmanabhan. 12/1983 Quantum cosmology as a cure for the three ailments of classical cosmology.
128 1983PhLA...99...75N J.V. Narlikar, N.C. Rana. 11/1983 Cosmic microwave background spectrum in the Hoyle-Narlikar cosmology.
129 1983Obs...103..266N J.V. Narlikar, D.J. Raine. 10/1983 Book-Review - the Lighter Side of Gravity.
130 1983ApJ...273...44N J.V. Narlikar, K. Subramanian. 10/1983 A single exhaust model for backward emission in Doppler quasars.
131 1983icrc...12....1N J.V. Narlikar. 08/1983 Radiation backgrounds and their cosmological implications.
132 1983qgl..conf..389S K. Subramanian, J.V. Narlikar. 06/1983 A single exhaust model for backward emission in fast moving quasars.
133 1983PhLA...96..107N J.V. Narlikar. 06/1983 Elimination of the standard big bang singularity and particle horizon through quantum conformal fluctuations.
134 1983A&A...118..154N J.V. Narlikar, G. Burbidge. 02/1983 The contribution of quasi-stellar objects to the cosmic X-ray background.
135 1983S&T....65..242N J.V. Narlikar. 00/1983 Book-Review - the Lighter Side of Gravity.
136 1983QB981.N3....... J.V. Narlikar. 00/1983 Introduction to cosmology.
137 1983Obs...103Q.270N J.V. Narlikar, J.D. Barrow. 00/1983 Book-Review - Violent Phenomena in the Universe.
138 1983Mercu..12...88N J.V. Narlikar, A. Fraknoi. 00/1983 Book-Review - Violent Phenomena in the Universe.
139 1982Natur.300..563N J.V. Narlikar, H. Bondi. 12/1982 Book-Review - the Lighter Side of Gravity.
140 1982JApA....3..393R J.J. Rawal, J.V. Narlikar. 12/1982 On a nonlinear and Lorentz-invariant version of Newtonian gravitation.
141 1982BASI...10..356N J.V. Narlikar, V.K. Kapahi, N.B. Sanwal, A.W. Wolfendale, D.S. Heeschen, C.M. Wade, Kopal Zdenek, Jurgen Rahe. 12/1982 BOOK REVIEWS: Progress in Cosmology; Extragalactic Radio Sources (IAU Symposium n°. 97); Binary and Multiple Stars as Tracers of Stellar Evolution (IAU Colloquium n°. 69).
142 1982Ap&SS..87..333N J.V. Narlikar, K.M.V. Apparao. 10/1982 Nucleosynthesis in bouncing cosmologies.
143 1982BASI...10..256V M. S. Vardya, J.V. Narlikar, Anne B. Underhill, Vera Doazan, Firth F. Anson. 09/1982 B Stars With and Without Emission Lines; The Cosmology of Infinity.
144 1982ApJ...260..469N J.V. Narlikar, K. Subramanian. 09/1982 Observational limitations of the Doppler theory of quasars.
145 1982Natur.298..103N J.V. Narlikar, W.D. Press. 07/1982 Book-Review - Violent Phenomena in the Universe.
146 1982JBAA...92..206N J.V. Narlikar. 06/1982 Book-Review - Violent Phenomena in the Universe.
147 1982Obs...102...51H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar, R.C. Smith. 04/1982 Book-Review - the Physics-Astronomy Frontier.
148 1982Natur.295..667P T. Padmanabhan, J.V. Narlikar. 02/1982 Quantum conformal fluctuations in a singular space-time.
149 1982JBAA...92..100H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar, J. Mitton. 02/1982 Book-Review - the Physics-Astronomy Frontier.
150 1982Ap&SS..81..397A K.M.V. Apparao, J.V. Narlikar. 01/1982 Massive oscillators as cosmic energy sources.
151 J.V. Narlikar. 00/1982 Violent phenomena in the universe.
152 1982SSRv...31..120H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar, J. Kleczek. 00/1982 Book Review - the Physics - Astronomy Frontier.
153 1982Sci...218.1216N J.V. Narlikar. 00/1982 Book-Review - the Lighter Side of Gravity.
154 1982S&T....63...44H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar, H.L.  Shipman. 00/1982 Book-Review - the Physics / Astronomy Frontier.
155 1982Natur.295Q.461H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar, J. Silk. 00/1982 Book-Review - the Physics / Astronomy Frontier.
156 J.V. Narlikar. 00/1982 The lighter side of gravity.
157 1982GriO...46...19N J.V. Narlikar, E.C. Krupp. 00/1982 Book-Review - Violent Phenomena in the Universe.
158 1982AstQ....4..135N J.V. Narlikar, M. Heller. 00/1982 Book-Review - Relativity and Cosmology.
159 1981JApA....2..289N J.V. Narlikar, M.G. Edmunds. 09/1981 A Doppler theory of quasars.
160 1981GReGr..13..669P T. Padmanabhan, J.V. Narlikar. 07/1981 Quantum fluctuations in the conformally flat and the Schwarzschild space-times.
161 1981Sci...212..962P A.R. Prasanna, J.V. Narlikar, C.V. Vishveshwara. 05/1981 Book-Review - Gravitation Quanta and the Universe - Symposium - Ahmedabad India - 1979JAN.
162 1981Ap&SS..74..111N J.V. Narlikar, G.R. Burbidge. 01/1981 An empirical approach to cosmology.
163 1981Sci...212.1198H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar. 00/1981 Book-Review - the Physics / Astronomy Frontier.
164 1981S&T....61Q.439H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar. 00/1981 Book-Review - the Physics - Astronomy Frontier.
165 1981QB860.H68...... F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar. 00/1981 The quasar controversy resolved.
166 1981JBAA...91..415H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar. 00/1981 Book-Review - the Physics - Astronomy Frontier.
167 1980A&A....92...26C V.M. Canuto, J.R. Owen, J.V. Narlikar. 12/1980 The diffuse gamma-ray background in the Hoyle-Narlikar cosmology.
168 1980ApJ...240..401N J.V. Narlikar, P.K. Das. 09/1980 Anomalous redshifts of quasi-stellar objects.
169 1980ApJ...236....6C V.M. Canuto, J.V. Narlikar. 02/1980 Cosmological tests of the Hoyle-Narlikar conformal gravity.
170 1980ApJ...235..335C S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar. 01/1980 Gravitational screens and superluminal separation in quasars.
171 F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar. 00/1980 The physics-astronomy frontier.
172 1980IAUS...92..127N J.V. Narlikar, P.K. Das. 00/1980 Anomalous Redshifts of QSOS.
173 1980FCPh....6....1N J.V. Narlikar, A.K. Kembhavi. 00/1980 Non-standard cosmologies.
174 1979BASI....7..125N J.V. Narlikar, C.V. Vishveshwara. 12/1979 Book-Review - General Relativity and Cosmology.
175 1979BASI....7..108N J.V. Narlikar. 12/1979 Objects of High Redshifts.
176 1979PhLA...72...75N J.V. Narlikar, N.C. Rana. 06/1979 Hawking process and the cosmic microwave background in a steady state universe.
177 1979MNRAS.187..655C S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar. 06/1979 On the apparent superluminal separation of radio source components.
178 1979BASI....7...20N J.V. Narlikar. 03/1979 Binary Pulsar and General Relativity.
179 1978GReGr...9.1089D S.V. Dhurandhar, J.V. Narlikar. 12/1978 Tachyons and the second law of black hole physics.
180 1978BASI....6..111N J.V. Narlikar. 12/1978 Nobel Recognition of Cosmology.
181 1978AmSci..66..587N J.V. Narlikar. 10/1978 Cosmic tachyons - an astrophysical approach.
182 1978MNRAS.183..159N J.V. Narlikar. 04/1978 Quantum fluctuations in gravitational collapse and cosmology
183 1978Ap&SS..53..155N J.V. Narlikar, R.C. Kapoor. 01/1978 The angular appearance of white holes.
184 1977Natur.269..129N J.V. Narlikar. 09/1977 Quantum uncertainty in the final state of gravitational collapse.
185 1977MNRAS.180..525N J.V. Narlikar, S.M. Chitre. 09/1977 Applications of statistical techniques to the angular size - Flux density relation for extragalactic radio sources.
186 J.V. Narlikar. 00/1977 The structure of the universe.
187 1977QB463.B87...... G.R. Burbidge, J.J. Perry, Georgii Timofeevich Zatsepin, S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar. 00/1977 Lectures on selected topics in high energy astrophysics.
188 1977dreu.coll..497N J.V. Narlikar. 00/1977 Non-Cosmological Redshifts.
189 1976Natur.264..732N J.V. Narlikar, S. Ramadurai. 12/1976 New test of the cosmological nature of QSO redshifts.
190 1976BASI....4...92N J.V. Narlikar. 12/1976 Report on the IAU Symposium on Radio Astronomy and Cosmology.
191 1976JRASC..70..271H F. Hoyle, J.V. Narlikar. 10/1976 Review of Publications: Action at a Distance in Physics and Cosmology.
192 1976Ap&SS..44..101C S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar. 09/1976 The effect of intergalactic dust on the measurement of the cosmological deceleration parameter Q subscript zero
193 1976BASI....4...33N J.V. Narlikar, S.M. Chitre. 06/1976 Winter School on High Energy Astrophysics.
194 1976MNRAS.175..105N J.V. Narlikar, E.C.G. Sudarshan. 04/1976 Tachyons and cosmology.
195 1976ApJ...205..329B G.R. Burbidge, J.V. Narlikar. 04/1976 The log N-log S curve for 3CR radio galaxies and the problem of identifying faint radio galaxies.
196 1975Ap&SS..35..321N J.V. Narlikar, J.M.V. Apparao. 07/1975 White holes and high energy astrophysics.
197 1975Ap&SS..35L...9W N.C. Wickramasinghe, M.G. Edmunds, S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar, S. Ramadurai. 06/1975 A dust model for the cosmic microwave background.
198 1975MNRAS.171...87D P.K. Das, J.V. Narlikar. 04/1975 Central gravitational redshifts from static massive objects.
199 1975Ap&SS..33L..45C S.M. Chitre, J.V. Narlikar, S. Ramadurai. 04/1975 Neutral currents and the cooling of neutron stars.
200 1975BASI....3...18N  J.V. Narlikar. 03/1975 Fifth Seminar on General Relativity and Gravitation.

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