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A Snag in the Red Shift (NGC 4319 & Mark 205)
NGC_4319 - Source STScI (HST)

On October 3rd, 2002, the STScI publishes on Internet the photo of the pair of galaxies NGC 4319 and Markarian 205, taken by the HST.

These two galaxies have nothing in common. The first one is a spiral galaxy situated at 80 million al (z = 0,006), the second is a Quasar situated at 1100 million al (z = 0,07). Their Red shifts, being very different, their visible nearness is due only to a fortuitous alignment in the axis of aim.

But there is a


But, Halton Arp indicated the existence of a Bridge of matter connecting these two objects. This Bridge of matter is invisible in the image taken by the HST.  (For more information on this subject, we can consult the book "Seeing Red" by Halton Arp - (Apeiron, Montreal - pages 164 and 165).

NGC_4319 - Picture DP by Bernard Lempel

It is the reason which prompts us to process this image. The result is in accordance with the claims of Halton Arp, the bridge is there, and very much so.

This does not necessarily mean that this bridge connects the objects. It is possible that it is an arm or a jet stemming from one of the galaxies, and that these three objects present this particular alignement.

But the hypothesis of the ejection of the quasar by the parent galaxy cannot be excluded. And therefore it is necessary to find the explanation of the abnormal red-shift observed in Markarian 205.

We shall read with interest the Internet pages dedicated to the controversy which developed around these galaxies connected by bridges of material:
Hubble Heritage - Supplemental NGC 4319 and Markarian 205 by Roger Knacke (Penn State Erie).

Hubble Heritage Supplemental NGC 4319 and Mrk 205 by Roger Knacke (Penn State Erie).
Let us note the very inferior quality of this picture digital processing.


NGC 4319 and MK 205 - Galaxies in Draco. An Example of the possible Quasar Red Shift Controversy.


Galaxies and the Universe - Alternate Approaches and the Redshift Controversy (William C. Keel).
Mister William C . Keel realized a good processed image, very similar to the one who was realized by our care and with a similar result.

See also the very well informed Armenzano (Daniele Carosati) web site (In Italian). And also the web site of Halton Arp.

Let us note the "Catalog of Discordant Redshift Associations" wrote by Halton Arp and published by Apeiron,

Mrk 205 - Atténuation (Source : J.N. Bahcall & al)

Let's examine closely the argumentation of those who rejects the physical connection between NGC 4319 and Mrk 205, and let's attempt to bring some answers there.

  1. The redshifts are very different.

This is the very statement that is under scrutiny. Therefore, for Halton Arp, this statement cannot be used as a valid argument, and rightly so.

  1. The UV absorption, by the halo of the galaxy NGC 4319, of the light emitted by Mrk 205; this would prove that Mrk 205 is not inside the halo of NGC 4319.

There is no evidence for Mrk 205 being "beyond" or "inside" of the halo of NGC 4319. In both cases, for a terrestrial viewer, the light of Mrk 205 crosses all or a part of this gas and is therefore attenuated.
As we don't know how the light is attenuated, we are not able to deduct anything.
The only way to solve this problem would be to redo, at same wavelength, the same kind of measurement that J.N. Bahcall et al, made, but on the three objects : the galaxy NGC 4319, the bridge of matter and the Quasar Mrk 205.
From the analysis of the results one could finally resolve this polemic.

  1. On the other hand a meaningful jump of the absorption, between these objects, would definitely invalidate his claims.

  2. Similar attenuations would show that Halton Arp was right.

NGC 4319 & MRK 205 - Source Aladin Data base (Picture DP by B. Lempel) On June 29th, 2009 a friend indicates us the existence of an image of NGC4319 in Aladin data base. This image is of inferior quality. The resolution is weak and it contains a lot of noise. However we can obtain a colour version from it. It is the colour version which we hurry to process. The strand connecting NGC4319 to Mrk 205 seems then very sharply. So we have a confirmation of this strand from another image.
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