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A Snag in Galaxies Cluster, COMA Cocorico !

The universe is full of vacuum, everybody knows it, or rather believed to know it, and then one has observed of some strange phenomena. Galaxies have rotational speeds that don't obey rigorously the universal gravitational laws. The quantity of matter must necessarily be more. On the other hand the observed "gravitationnal lenses" can only be explained if, in galaxies there is more matter than one detects in our photographs. But, did we look well at the photographs ?



Galaxies of this cluster now appear with increased sizes. Now considerable red heaps of matter, appeared. It is very probably composed of gas and dust. This picture already reveals something that is not really surprising: The invisible matter is not maybe as invisible as that! It is only invisible because one doesn't possess the technical means to detect it. And / or one doesn't exploit all means at our disposal. Or else one doesn't look where it is. Scrape, scrape your photos, there is often more to see!


There we are! We scraped ! And it is very strange

And then where there didn't seen to be anithing! Strange dark trails join all galaxies in the cluster, as if yhe smallest came from the central giant galaxies which had moved while drawing behind them a wake of matter. We are in full "Cosmic Archeology". But it can happen that it is only an artifact. The big straight trail that underlines the two central giant galaxies is certainly only the trace of a very terrestrial artificial satellite.


Last News:

The X Ray satellite Chandra would have discovered the trail of warm gas left by certain galaxies during their movement in the universe. (La Recherche N 365, June, 2003, page 11).


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