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A Snag in Galaxies Cluster VIRGO Cocorico !

The universe is full of vacuum, everybody knows it. Or rather one believed to know it. But one observed some strange phenomena. Galaxies have speeds of rotations that don't strictly obey to Universal Laws of Gravitation. There must be somehere much more matter. On the other hand, the " observed "gravitational lens" can only be explained if, in galaxies there is much more matter than one detects in our photographs. But, have we looked well at the photographs ?


Source: NOAO/NFS

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  • ATTENTION DANGER ! This picture, if one examines attentively it, has a lot of anomalies of manufacture. They appeared at the time of Digital Processing that I could make. Therefore it is necessary to beware.

  • This cluster of galaxies is remarkable. It is situated at the extremity of the "Makarian Chain". The galaxy M 87 is in of the picture, it is beyond the upper left corner.


  • After digital processing, galaxies of this cluster appear here with magnificed. Considerable more or less luminous heaps of matter appeared. It is very probably gas and/or dust.
    But an astonishing thing is the apparition of a vaguely sinusoidal shape lace separating, with a surprising neatness, a dark zone and a more luminous zoneCoday I haven't any idea of what it is. Is this an artifact ? It is possible and very probable.
    On the other hand, what is well visible is the "bridges of matter" that join the main galaxies of this cluster. I do not know if this fact had already been discovered ! Chip* S.O.S ! (Wrote before the 11/14/2008).

  • Artefact :
    Maybe we did not say it enough, but this image is too full of artefacts so we can't interpret it correctly.
    The famous lace is the biggest of them. We think having found the explanation.
    This artefact would be provoked by the way the original image was made.
    It would be a great silver plate photo. After exposure, it was developed in bad conditions:
    The laboratory assistant plunged this plate into the developer tank in two steps because the developing tank was too small.
    First time, then he removed it, and turned over it. At this moment a part of the revelator which was on the patch flowed down, that is towards the still undeveloped zone.
    The second part of the plate was finally plunged into the developer tank, but with a certain delay. That laces zones appeared, where the revelator had already flowed. This created overdeveloped zones.
    This case of artefact is unexpected. At least it was put evidence by the DP, that does not miss of interest.
    Thus we can and we have to forget this lace of any astronomical or cosmological interpretation. (Wrote the 01/30/2010).

* Chip = Halton Arp_


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