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A Bone in the Beautiful Ordinary Spiral Cocorico !

Galaxy classification has no secrets for you. Their history and post evolution seem perfectly well established. If you are sure of all of this, then stay in the ruts of dogma.
But if your intuition, your intelligence and your curiosity are the stronger, then look here.

Source: ESO

ESO 269-57

A Surprising Spiral !

Source: ESO


349 Ko - DP by B. Lempel


This digital processing effect is very surprising. Other pictures will show us other examples of change of size, of presence of "matter" bridges between galaxies, of diffuse gas in and between galaxies.


Source: ESO

And closer in

Original Picture:  ESO


392 Ko - DP by B. Lempel

  • The ESO classified this galaxy in the category of spirals. However it is clearly a barred spiral. The bar is obviously ejected matter from the core of the galaxy. This matter spills in big curls on the extremities of the bar. These curls are very active regions of star formation. An attentive analysis shows that they have also spawned the galactic arms (bottom left curl). The beginning of the arms are astonishing:  they have an unexplaicable break..

  • Question: Would all barred galaxies have these features? We are going to check this.

Last Release : 03/20/16  Strange, a Snag in the Bar :