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Source: NASA

Asteroide Kleopatra 216

Only one Snag ?

No !


You are an retired French engineer in electronics and also a passionate radio ham. Your specialty is electromagnetic detection. You tinker yourself a RADAR. You orient him toward space to try him. One day you receive a signal that you record and to which you apply an appropriate Digital Processing.

And there your stupefaction achieves some dizzy summits. You have, before you, the picture of a SNAG! You check and redo everithing. You verify your material. Stille the same results, the same snag ! You don't doubt anymore.

You write, trembling, a detailed note to this venerable institution that one names the "French Academy of Sciences". And you wait for the answer.

Two months later, you receive the unavoidable answer, under shape of a short and unsigned report:

"The exam of this file shows that, even though the author seems to have invested a lot of times in this work, the document is not acceptable for a publication in the minutes of the Science academy, we refrain from finding it completely fanciful."

The reviewer of the academy takes no chance!

In fact, what about this Snag ? It is indeed real. But the discovery is "made in USA" and of course, it is not worth mentioning in a note to the "Académie des Sciences" in France. If it had been, this work would never have been published, because inevitably juged completely fanciful !

It has been published in USA, in the magazine Science, in May 5-2000 Volume 288 Number 5467.

What can we think of this SNAG? There are four possibilities, no more.

  1. It is a hoax, an April fool. (Published on Internet, May 10, 2000).

  2. It is an artifact of detection.

  3. It is an asteroid that has the shape of a snag, by coincidence.

  4. It is a real snag, and it is a fossil space snag.

We don't give the answer and let the reader the care to decide the value of each hypothesis. The source of the photographic document is given above.

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