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A Snag in the Model A Snag in the Black Hole Jets and other Quirks Cocorico !
An unexpected Snag !
If you are a Primate, a normally constituted human, which should be the case for everyone, and that you discover for the first time SNAGS that we presented you in the previous page, the Normal Irrational Reaction should be to ask oneself the following question: "And what if the analysis were pursued further?" That we did. And the result is what you are going to see. Another reaction, rational this time, is to ask yourself "Where's the mistake ? Would this be an Artifact_?" We therefore investigated, and finally we found a method of extraction, and the tests for verifying its validity.
Let's note that the Rational Reaction of the academy was: " It's not worth lookink into this, the theory says that... Therefore it is impossible, therefore these pictures are fanciful ". And the academy didn't make the effort to check. But Academicians are wary and apprehensive...
Humph, not all, we know one or two that are unusual ! They will recognize themselves. We owe them a lot
The surprising objects of the Galaxy M 87 
M 87 (DP B. Lempel)

The PICTURES, below, are completely unpublished. Gotten very recently, after improvement of the extraction method they constitute the 3rd Surprise. One will recognize the Central Black Hole and its Jet, after three successive stages of DP. The structure of the Core of the galaxy M 87 is surprising and unexpected.

It is obvious that if we had known that it was impossible to see black holes, we would never have tried!  
M 87 (DP B. Lempel)
M 87 (DP B. Lempel)
Core of M 87 (Source ESO-VLT) DP by B. Lempel.

Other DP :

The Extraction zones of the pictures 1 and 2, are marked in the picture opposite.
We can see:

  • On the left the core of M 87 (Black hole?).
  • Down, on the right, the  2nd Black Hole. (Picture 2)
  • At upper right, the 3rd object. (Picture 1)
Picture 1
Core of M 87 (Source ESO-VLT) DP by B. Lempel.

Another example of a torus around the 3rd object previously detected. We are delighted of this 4th surprise !

Image 2
Core of M 87 (Source ESO-VLT) DP by B. Lempel.

5th surprise:

Does the magnetic field of the 2nd Black Hole appear as an aurora borealis ? It resembles it at first blush...

Black Hole

What the theory says: (All in French)

What the theory doesn't say.

  • The black hole theory, that introduces the peculiarity, of an Infinity Density, must be considered as suspicious by physicists.

  • The theory of an axi-polar jet issuing from the galactic nucleus, even though it appears probable, might in certain cases, M 87 in particular, prove false. Pictures presented here, show that the jet is planar. It doesn't however discredit the model, in the general case, but it shows that there is not, in nature, an unique model.

  • The structure of the nucleus of M 87 that appears in the pictures, shows that there would be ejections of matter from the Black Hole, to the torus. These ejections taking place in the plane of the torus.

  • On the other hand, accretions of matter, coming from an accretion shell, are directed toward the black hole, but globally and solely according along the polar axes.

  • The torus is obviously a plasma confined by a magnetic field. Well we have thus before us, an exemplary invention of nature: a Tokamak.

  • Magnetic fields have a crucial importance in the cosmological game.

To know more on the magnetic confinement:

Documentation and Bibliography :

Some strange similarities

Chandra - Spooktacular M87
Centre of M 87 -  Published by Chandra on 10/29/2004

Some strange similarities,

 Not so surprising as we could believe it!
M 87
Centre of M 87 - Source: ESO-VLT - DP by B. Lempel


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